Eguenyi-Mpu-Ezza-Umuorma-Azunkwo Erosion Construction Project

Eguenyi-Mpu-Ezza-Umuorma-Azunkwo Erosion Construction

One of the erosion project we have done speaks volumes of what Ragus Associates Limited can do. Natural rates of erosion are controlled by the action of geological weathering geomorphic drivers, such as rainfall; bedrock wear in rivers; coastal erosion by the sea and waves; glacial plucking, abrasion, and scour; areal flooding; wind abrasion; groundwater processes; and mass movement processes in steep landscapes like landslides and debris flows. We have successfully fixed the erosion on the above roads network.

Effective Erosion Control Requires Robust Application of the Right Technology

Ragus team of qualified engineers employ the application of the best technical know-how with the state-of-the-art technologies in ensuring that client’s needs are met without qualms. As we have stated above, the Eguenyi-Mpu-Ezza-Umuorma-Azunkwo roads networks affected by erosion have been fixed.

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